Professor Gaber in China briefing Government Press Officers on what to expect from Western journalists in the run-up to the Beijing Olympics in 2007

Ivor Gaber has developed an internationally recognised expertise as a journalism consultant and trainer in new and post-conflict democracies. This specialism began working in the former Communist countries of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union but, more recently, has largely focused on sub-Saharan Africa. His experience includes:

  • Nigeria: Devised media monitoring plan for UNDP’s election operation in the 2015 Nigerian General Election based on Malawian model. In 2011 ran series of election training workshops for journalists and initiated and oversaw Nigerian Election News Report – election news agency.
  • Malawi: Funded by USAID, ran election training courses for journalists and devised and oversaw media monitoring of the first-ever tripartite elections – presidential, parliamentary and local –  in Malawi 2014; monitoring included social media, first-ever in Africa.
  • Uganda: For the 2006 Presidential and Parliamentary elections, devised and ran training workshops and helped establish the Ugandan Radio Network news agency, which is still running.

Other workshops for journalists have been run in Rwanda, Burkina Faso, Tanzania and Tunisia.

In addition I have undertaken International Election Monitoring in Malawi, Nigeria, Bosnia, Kosovo and Ukraine.